Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage relieves back and hip pain and regulates hormones…

During pregnancy your body will go through immense hormonal and skeletal changes.  Pre or post natal massage can help to regulate your hormones and mood plus alleviate muscle and nerve pain, reduce anxiety, restless legs syndrome and help you sleep.

Some clinics offer special “pregnancy tables” with a hole for the belly, these tables have been proven to increase the load on your already straining abdominal ligaments and back muscles. (Think about gravity).  I offer pregnancy massage (usually) side lying, supported by pillows and all of my mums- to-be comment on how very comfortable they are, right up to 39 weeks plus!

My specialist Pregnancy Massage training was with Pregnancy Massage Australia to their NurtureLife Diploma level.  I use their specific essential oil blends for each trimester that are proven safe for pregnancy or we can use no essential oils.   These deep tissue techniques have been developed for mums to be with specific pregnancy related troubles that can include piriformis and gluteal release, pelvic instability or lumbar spine treatment.

Massage will not bring on a miscarriage, but there are particular acupressure points that can stimulate the reproductive system.   Around 15% of known pregnancies spontaneously fail and 80% of those are in the first trimester. Please speak to your health care provider if you have concerns with massage during pregnancy.  If you are having a high risk pregnancy I may request your GP’s letter of clearance.

For qualified pregnancy massage in Dunsborough or surrounds, please call Dharma Massage Therapies, Dunsborough on 0401 767 873.