Deep Tissue Remedial and Relaxation Massage

Deep Tissue Massage Dunsborough

Massage has been used globally through out history to release tension and alleviate pain.  Hence there are many different styles of massage.

Deep Tissue Massage uses slow, precise movements to access the muscles that lie under the superficial muscles.  For instance, the rhomboids (between your shoulder blades) are often a source of discomfort and these muscles are located underneath the larger trapezius.

Trigger Point Therapy uses pressure in a very exact manner on a point of muscular contraction that is causing the surrounding muscles fibres to tighten.  The “active” trigger point may be located in a different site than where pain has been experienced, causing referred pain.  Pressure is applied to the Trigger Point, which at first increases discomfort momentarily, the Trigger Point will then “melt”, releasing the tension in the muscle and allowing it to lengthen again.

Acupressure uses the Oriental system of Meridians and Shiatsu to map points of the body where the flow of energy can be greatly influenced.  By palpating these areas we can stimulate the flow of energy where needed or direct it away from zones in which it has become excessive.

The fascia is the connective tissue that has a global effect on the body.  Often likened to a stocking, a “pull” in one area can cause discomfort elsewhere.  All massage can help to alleviate fascial tension.

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