Building Houses in Cambodia

Building Houses in Cambodia. " Do what you can"

Building Houses in Cambodia. ” Do what you can”

I feel blessed to live in a country that is a democracy, with space and blue oceans and opportunity in abundance.

Cambodia is one of the world’s poorest countries and has experienced indescribable violence against it’s citizens.

I believe that if we are born into an affluent country we have a responsibility to share the blessings and assist those who were born in less peaceful environments.

In Cambodia 1000 children a month are sold into prostitution or slavery.  This is a current figure!! The chance of a child going to school is just 15%; with a permanent home this rises to 80%.

In October 2012 I was delighted to go to Cambodia to build houses. After a fantastic fundraising soiree, the generous businesses and people of Dunsborough had given sufficient funds to build not 1 but 2 houses!!

Special thanks to Lamonts Smiths Beach, Palandri, Flying Fish Cove, Will’s Domain, Aravina and Zin’s Liquor.

If you would like to participate in this fantastic project I recommend you contact Mike and Corrine Gurry at

This was truly one of the highlights of my life and such an honour.

Pregnancy Massage Dunsborough

The many benefits of massage have been documented endlessly; from stress reduction, hormone regulation and immunity boosting as well as pain relief. What other time of life is as stressful, hormone dominated and uncomfortable as when a woman is pregnant – aside from the birth itself of course!! Not only does massage have the above positive effects on pregnant women it also has unique gifts to offer the expectant mother and her growing baby.

“Touching Humanity” – This is the name of a chapter in a book I have recently read by Carole Osborne.  I just love the image those words conjure in my head. Anthropological and cultural studies have shown that physical affection in the formative years, including gestation, results in lower adult levels of violence and depression.  Enough said really!!  What more reason can one need to choose massage therapy?  As a therapist or a mother, what a way to light a candle for the future.

Pain Management – The 8 ligaments that attach to the uterus and hold it in place during this time of rapid transformation are categorized into “round”, “broad” and sacrouterine.  They attach at various points on the pelvis including the sacroiliac joint, the lumbosacral joint and pubic symphysis.  Naturally the stretching of these attachments can cause pain to radiate through and around the pelvis, lower back and legs.  Massage can assist by alleviating adhesions of muscle fibre, correcting postural imbalances and releasing tension.

Decrease Stress – Remember from high school science the “Fight or Flight” stress response?  The sympathetic nervous system rushes to send action hormones to work.  It is of course, a natural reaction to experience stress.  There is so much to process mentally and emotionally as well as physically during pregnancy.  Lifestyle changes are just beginning and questions arise regarding financial issues and family support.  Unfortunately excessive stress can affect the baby’s development, birth weight and gestation.  Mother ‘s care of herself physically and emotionally is a priority.  Massage decreases the levels of cortisol (a well known Fight or Flight response hormone), lessens anxiety and alleviates insomnia.  Relaxation massage enables easier breathing for a mum who may be experiencing dyspnea (shortness of breath).  Another contributor to restricted breathing can be postural adaptations to the pregnancy.  Remedial techniques such as deep tissue or trigger point may release or lengthen the fascia where needed.

Improved Circulation – The normal development of a woman’s prenatal body includes an increase in volume of body fluids by approximately 50%.   It is not hard to understand then, the noticeable swelling that occurs in the legs and the uncomfortable effects this pressure can have on nerves, such as the tarsal nerve in the legs (restless legs) or the carpal tunnel in the arms and hands.  The combination of vasodilation   and an increase in the size of the heart result in lowering blood pressure but massage therapy eases numbness and swelling which are inescapable side effects of pregnancy.

Some massage therapists will not massage during the first trimester.  Please be aware that this is because 10-25% of pregnancies end in spontaneous miscarriage, and 70%-80% of those occur in the first trimester.  Massage does not cause miscarriage; most miscarriages happen due to chromosomal abnormalities and cannot be avoided.  There are some acupressure points that we will avoid but they would need to be massaged for an extended time on a regular basis to be stimulated.  Please do your own research to be fully informed on this issue and consult your Dr if you have any concerns or a history of miscarriage.