Building Houses in Cambodia

Building Houses in Cambodia. " Do what you can"

Building Houses in Cambodia. ” Do what you can”

I feel blessed to live in a country that is a democracy, with space and blue oceans and opportunity in abundance.

Cambodia is one of the world’s poorest countries and has experienced indescribable violence against it’s citizens.

I believe that if we are born into an affluent country we have a responsibility to share the blessings and assist those who were born in less peaceful environments.

In Cambodia 1000 children a month are sold into prostitution or slavery.  This is a current figure!! The chance of a child going to school is just 15%; with a permanent home this rises to 80%.

In October 2012 I was delighted to go to Cambodia to build houses. After a fantastic fundraising soiree, the generous businesses and people of Dunsborough had given sufficient funds to build not 1 but 2 houses!!

Special thanks to Lamonts Smiths Beach, Palandri, Flying Fish Cove, Will’s Domain, Aravina and Zin’s Liquor.

If you would like to participate in this fantastic project I recommend you contact Mike and Corrine Gurry at

This was truly one of the highlights of my life and such an honour.